WI-VOD, "WIreless VOice and Data", builds wireless broadband voice and data solutions for broadening communities. Small towns aren't so small anymore and rural shouldn't mean being out of touch. That's where WI-VOD comes in.

Do you want more VOICE for your buck?

With WI-VOD PBX you can save 20-50% compared to the cost of other VOIP systems without compromising on features, functionality or scalability!

WI-VOD has feature rich Voice Over IP (VOIP) that can fit your needs.
Use your phone system to grow your business without having your telecomm expenses grow.
Easy set-up, low costs. Save operational costs no matter what your size.

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Large cities can be overloaded with options for communications while rural areas suffer from a severe lack of suitable services or no service at all. Most North American highways that join these communities are covered by cellular service, but roaming charges and poor connections can often mean high monthly bills, lost calls and very slow data speeds for downloading emails and information off the web.

Did you know that 85 million households in the United States do not have access to high-speed broadband services at all? Recently, a study found that 1 state had over 250 small towns with no access to any broadband services at all. Do you live in one of those communities?

Did you know that over 20 million mobile professionals and RV owners travel North America's highways each day supporting the economy or enjoying this vast land? If you're always on the go, are you tired of chasing around for service or not having the same level of service everywhere you go?

With WI-VOD's MobileSOHO (Mobile Small Office, Home Office) solution we bring wireless broadband connectivity to your community. Our philosophy and the methods we use focus around deploying a "Shared Infrastructure" to better enable:
  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Tourists
  • Government Agencies, and
  • Public Safety Authorities (Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, etc.)
If you are part of a community that is underserved and wanting to broaden access to community-wide high-speed mobile voice and data services, please feel free to contact us to be part of WI-VOD's MobileSOHO network. When you do, your community is automatically tied to every other WI-VOD community.

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